• Ultra-Membrane Water Purification

    100% Organic ~ Free of ALL Virus & Bacteria

Purify with UrSpring Technology vs. Outdated Filtering Methods

Clean & pure drinking water is not a guarantee. UrSpring gives you the confidence to drink mineral rich water or take showers without every worrying about contaminants or pathogens.


Protect yourself and your home

Pathogens, drug residues and other contaminants you find today in many foods, including mineral or bottled water, and almost all bottled drinks travel great distances before arriving in your home. This is where not only bacteria but plasticizers from the packaging diffuse into the water. 


Drink smart and healthy!

We all should drink between one and a half to three liters of water daily. It should be clear, fresh water as this will help you stay fit and productive. When choosing your drinks you should go for naturally healthy and environmentally conscious offerings: high quality, low packaging, and as little plastic as possible. Why not dispense with the bottles of water and drink healthy water directly from the tap?


Best quality, best taste

You get the best water quality when you filter it before it even enters your house: including the water heater and pipes!. With Seccua water filters this is easy: not only do they remove pathogens and bacteria, but also reduce discoloration (turbidity) and water hardness. The result is crystal clear, pure, and fresh water throughout the entire house!


Reduce health hazards

Your body comes in contact with tap water all the time: brushing teeth, showers, washing hands, and cooking. For all of these occasions, the water should be as pure as possible, because there are pathogens in water that can get people very sick when not filtered properly. Something as fun and relaxing as a shower can cause you to contract Legionnaire’s disease or Pontiac fever which causes sever pneumonia.

Whole House FIltration
Water Purification at Home

Home Water Ultrafiltration

Bacteria & Virus free water from every tap and outlet in your home. Free from plasticizers, residues from antibiotics, pathogens and other contaminants.

>> Whole House Purification
>> Private Wells
>> Rain Water Harvesting
>> GE Homespring Replacement
>> Lodges

Filtration for Commercial & Industrial

Building Owners & Operators

Commercial, Public Buildings, Hospitals, Schools and Apartments – Remove Legionella without the use of chemicals.

>> Commercial Buildings
>> Hotels
>> Restaurants

Filtration for public water supplies

Municipalities & Homeowner Associations

Multiple solutions that help meet or exceed regulations and guidelines. Check out our LT2 compliance.

>> Public Water Supply

Drinking water in the US

What you should know about your drinking water

The average person consumes between 1 and 2 gallons of water per day for drinking and cooking. Especially considering the large amount of water that we consume during our lifetime, we need to make sure that the water is clean. Many health risks can emerge from the water the comes from our taps, runs in our toilets and showers, and also from bottled water. How precise is the testing for drinking water quality in my city? Should I filter my drinking water? What can I do for clean, healthy water from my tap?

Seccua Water Filters

Thousands of enthusiastic customers around the world

We provide thousands of people with clean, safe drinking water around the world. In recent years, Seccua has developed its proprietary membrane systems and became a technology and market leader in the field of treating drinking water in municipal systems, public buildings, and private homes. Seccua water filter systems have been approved for use in the removal of pathogens from drinking water on three different continents. Our goal is to give every person the technology they need to produce safe drinking water! You, your community, your children’s school; even your hospital.

Michael Hank, CEO and Founder of Seccua

Seccua filtration for pure, mineral-rich water

At Seccua we feel responsible for fighting against diseases and health problems that come from contaminated water. Our aim is to provide the purest water available. We have a solution for every situation– whether it’s for the home, the office, or the entire community.

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