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Water Filtration for Private Wells

"UrSpring Well purifying well-water in Pennsylvania, USA“

We’ve installed a Seccua UrSpring Well filtration to treat the water from our spring, before we use it in our home for drinking, cooking and washing. My great grandfather put the water system in in the 1930s. After we installed the system, we tested our water and found Coli in the feed to the system but none after the Seccua UrSpring Well. The UrSpring Well is doing a great job for us.

Chip M., Aliquippa, Pennsylvania (USA)

Healthy water for you as well?

Why to use Seccua filtration on your well water

Seccua filtration offers full rejection of pathogenic bacteria and parasites, higher than any media and cartridge-filtration. The rejection of Seccua filters has been tested and verified to US EPA and German DVGW standards by third parties.

1. Seccua filtration also removes all suspended solids from water, so turbidity and nano-particles will be fully removed. Unlike media filtration it will never "break through", if the load of particles in the feed becomes unexpectedly high.

2. Seccua filtration is flushing itself when needed. As the only one of its kind, Seccua UrSpring Well filters come with a sensor that determines the rate of fouling of the filter, which involves more than only sensing differential pressure.

3. As an extension to a Seccua Filter, the Seccua BioFilter provides solutions to dissolve contamination like pesticides or residuals of pharmaceuticals from well water. The BioFilter can also stabilize hardness in the water and prevent scaling.

Seccua filtration compared to conventional technology