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What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

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Seccua Ultrafiltration

Pure at last

Our patented membrane technology mimics nature’s purifying process and is at the heart of every one of our solutions. With the ability to filter out particles as small as 20 nanometers, the Seccua membrane has been tested by an independent 3rd party to Environmental Protection Agency Standards and boasts the California Department of Health’s Alternative Filtration Technology designation. It eliminates up to 99.99% of pathogens—even the smallest known virus—without the use of chemicals or radiation.

Your water’s best and last line of defense

How Seccua ultrafiltration compares to RO filtration

Seccua ultrafiltration  Reverse osmosis (RO)
Complete removal of pathogens Membrane attracts biofilm and bacterial growth, pathogens can pass through
Whole house water filtration Point-of-use filtration
Full flow at minimal pressure requirements Low flow, water often stored in pressure tanks downstream for better flow
Essential minerals are left in the water Essential minerals are extracted from the water
Water is left in equilibrium with a neutral pH Water becomes acidic and corrosive with a low pH
Minimal water wastage  30% or more water consumption to run
Filters flush automatically to remove rejected contaminants to drain System does not flush, low flow keeps most of the rejected contaminants in the filter