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Seccua Wins Filter Experts MANN+HUMMEL as Partner – Joint Expansion of the Drinking Water Hygiene Portfolio

Seccua Wins Filter Experts MANN+HUMMEL as Partner – Joint Expansion of the Drinking Water Hygiene Portfolio

Seccua Wins Filter Experts MANN+HUMMEL as Partner – Joint Expansion of the Drinking Water Hygiene Portfolio

Steingaden / Ludwigsburg, 1 July 2019 – Seccua, for years the technology leader in the field of standardized, smart membrane filtration systems for removing pathogens and microorganisms from drinking water, has gained a well-known partner and investor with MANN+HUMMEL. Seccua was looking for suitable industry partners to strategically expand its distribution network in Europe and the US and to finance further growth. Now, with the corporate group MANN+HUMMEL from Ludwigsburg (Germany), a potent partner has been gained that itself is a globally leading expert in filtration. With the strategic partnership, they want to jointly expand the product portfolio in the area of drinking water hygiene and to achieve market leadership in the retail market for drinking water filtration in the long run. In the process, Seccua will remain as an independent company

Seccua is a global innovation and technology leader in standardized small systems for decentralized water treatment. Over 3,000 installed Seccua filters for the point-of-entry and point-of-use area in the German-speaking countries, the US, Canada, China, and other countries worldwide are proof of the Bavarian company’s expertise, as are numerous important international and national references. Core application areas of Seccua products include permanently removing legionella bacteria before they enter into the pipeline networks of buildings and medical practices as well as improving the taste and hygiene of drinking water in private households.

Seccua’s product portfolio is aimed at fast-growing markets. According to a study by Grandview Research, the global market potential for water treatment in the private sector will be around 30 billion euros by 2025. About a quarter of this is attributable to filtration. Whether public and commercial real estate or private homes and apartments: the need to deal with the quality of drinking water is increasing. Even in western industrialized nations such as Germany, not all contaminants hazardous to health are recorded and thus monitored, either, including many parasites, viruses, pharmaceutical residues, or even microplastics. Drinking water treatment at home is therefore a billion-scale future market worldwide with growth rates of eight percent and more. Seccua was looking for a strong partner, now the corporate group MANN+HUMMEL, to tap into this. By investing in Seccua Holding AG, MANN+HUMMEL, a globally leading expert in filtration, wants to round off its product portfolio in the area of membrane filtration for the point-of-entry/point-of-use sectors.

Conquering the Future Market Together

With its standardized solutions for disinfecting drinking water, Seccua has been successfully represented in various market segments for years. In addition to the business segment of public water & industry, i.e., public drinking water supplies and industry, those segments are primarily building technology (building technology: legionella and germ protection in public and residential buildings), commercial (hygiene protection in business, gastronomy, hotels) and residential (private households) or private wells (individual water suppliers from wells, springs, and cisterns) and the medical sector (medical practices and hospitals). The "Lexicon of German World Market Leaders" (Langenscheidt, 2015) lists Seccua as a ‘hidden champion’ in the area of "standardized ultrafiltration systems for drinking water disinfection."

To be able to cover the growing demand for filtration solutions nationwide in the German-speaking area, it was necessary to build up and expand the company’s sales and marketing activities accordingly. "The partnership with MANN+HUMMEL allows us to invest sustainably in growth markets. To this end, we will continue to expand the sales structure of our private-household products in Europe and the US," explains Michael Hank, CEO of Seccua Holding AG and founder of Seccua GmbH. In doing so, the solution portfolio for drinking water applications in the point-of-entry (i.e., the point where tap water enters into the building) and point-of-use area (i.e. at the point of extraction) is to be expanded. To this end, the development departments of Seccua and MANN+HUMMEL will be working together closely in the future. "In addition, we want to specifically expand into the worldwide legionella control market and become the leading provider there of standardized solutions in Europe and the US," continues Hank. "With our combined experience and know-how, we now want to realize the next growth step and tap into the multi-billion-scale future markets for drinking water treatment at the point of entry/point of use."

The corporate group MANN+HUMMEL with registered office in Ludwigsburg is itself a globally leading expert in filtration and, in addition to solutions for motor vehicles, clean indoor air, and industrial applications, also develops solutions for sustainable water use. Since the acquisition of MICRODYN-NADIR in 2015, MANN+HUMMEL has been active in the membrane industry with a focus on water, wastewater, and process filtration. The corporation, which is one of the largest filter manufacturers worldwide, employs more than 20,000 people at more than 80 locations and generated sales of around 4 billion euros worldwide in 2018.

Strong Processes as a Basis for Growth

Seccua has strong unique selling points because its technologies offer health and environmental benefits. In addition, the company has proprietary know-how, including patents and brands as well as in-house knowledge and many years of management experience. Seccua has very good starting positions for future growth in the residential (private households), private wells (individual water providers), and commercial (business) market segments. "In recent years, we took the opportunity to get to know the required sales structures of our target markets, to establish standardized and proven sales processes, and to build an infrastructure that enables us to implement large sales resources. We are now well prepared for the next growth step together with MANN+HUMMEL," says Michael Hank. Bernhard Schalk, Sales Director for the sales and marketing activities of Seccua in Europe, adds: "We know what to do: in principle, we will scale and extensively replicate our proven sales structures, which we have practiced very successfully so far on a regional basis. We are confident that we will be able to transform our technology leadership into market leadership that way."

Seccua’s Innovative Technologies are the Key to Future Water Treatment

Seccua, founded in 2005, develops, produces, and sells an innovative product portfolio based on state-of-the-art high-tech solutions for providing safe and hygienic drinking water at home, in the commercial and communal environment. Seccua filters remove all pathogens and sediments through membrane filtration from medical technology with filter pores of only 0.002 microns, and with the lowest energy consumption at that. The chemical-free Seccua AntiCal® technology also prevents the calcification of piping systems, helping to keep installation surfaces in contact with water smooth and less prone to bacteria and microorganism colonization. The Seccua AntiTox® & AntiArsenic® bio-filters remove dissolved substances such as pharmaceutical residues, hormones, softeners, and pesticides.

Seccua has in-depth knowledge in the manufacture of membrane filters, the cartridge configurations are patented in the EU and the US. But not only the configuration of the Seccua filters but also their control and monitoring are outstanding. Intelligent control technology based on IoT ensures high functionality, maximum reliability, and convenient operation. Today, Seccua filters offer unique customer benefits, such as fully automatic verification of the legally required removal rate for pathogens.

Seccua is also a leader in legionella control. Seccua has proven its technology over the last five years in numerous systems of different sizes. Although legionella bacteria are a natural substance of drinking water, they multiply rapidly at corresponding temperatures and conditions. There are 7,000 legionellosis cases in the EU each year that are identified and reported and that lead to 441 deaths. Experts from the European Center of Disease Control estimate that there are more than 50,000 cases in the EU. Seccua filtration, in contrast, acts like a firewall and keeps away legionella bacteria and other pathogens. Even in buildings with severe legionella problems, the Seccua solution proved to be an essential component of the sustainable control of legionella infestation. Therefore, the German regulatory authorities are currently developing technical standards for the use of membrane filtration to combat legionella bacteria.


Seccua is a globally leading developer of compact and cost-effective filtration solutions for the complete removal of pathogens and particles such as microplastics from drinking water. The company offers proven solutions for preventing calcification on pipe walls and in water heaters and for removing dissolved substances such as pharmaceutical residues, hormones, softeners, and pesticides.

As the first manufacturer of compact equipment, Seccua’s Virex Pro® was listed by the California Department of Public Health for greater 99,99% removal of bacteria and parasites from drinking water. Seccua systems are primarily used in the home technology of private and public buildings (Phoenix® GT, Virex® Pro, UrSpring) to remove bacteria, viruses, and legionella. Seccua provides holistic protection by combating the causes of poor drinking water quality rather than just treating symptoms. Further areas of application are public water supplies (Phoenix®).

Seccua Holding AG as an umbrella company with registered office in Steingaden/ Bav. inludes the individual companies Seccua GmbH (Production, Steingaden), Seccua Distribution GmbH (Sales EEA & Switzerland), Seccua Americas LLC (Sales USA/Canada), and Seccua Medical GmbH, each with registered office in Gundelfingen an der Donau.

Over 3,000 Seccua systems are in use not only in Germany, Switzerland, and EU countries but also worldwide, including in China, the US, Mexico, Australia, and Canada. In 2012, Seccua was given the Cleantech Media Award. Further information can be found at

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About Seccua

Seccua is a worldwide leading developer and producer of compact and economical devices for complete removal of pathogenes from drinking water. With its equipment for private, commercial and public applications, Seccua has received approvals in several US States as one of the first manufacturers of compact, integrated treatment devices. With the Seccua UrSpring systems, the company from Upper Bavaria/Germany provides highest quality of drinking water for home use. Seccua UrSpring does not only remove bacteria and Legionella, which are flushed out of public supply networks into the water pipes of houses, but also dissolved pollutants such as pesticides, residuals of pharmaceuticals and many others. Seccua systems are distributed not only in Germany and the U.S. but also worldwide, including China, Australia and Canada. In autumn 2012, Seccua was awarded the important German Cleantech Media Award. For more information, visit