AntiArsenic AroxBag for Seccua BioFilter

  • Removes arsenic below critical 10 ppb EPA threshold
  • Binds the arsenic irreversibly to the filter medium
  • Removes added fluoride
  • No chemicals – completely environmentally friendly

    Removal of arsenic from drinking water

    Arsenic in water comes both from natural sources and from human-induced pollution. The arsenic contamination in drinking water poses a major threat to human health. In certain areas, the concentration of arsenic can reach up to 1,500 ppb. The EPA and World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a maximum pollutant load of 10 ppb in the drinking water supply.

    The Seccua AntiArsenic media reduces arsenic load accordingly. A layer of iron oxide, which is coated on the resin, binds the arsenic in a special surface.

    Technical data about Seccua AntiArsenic

    Seccua AntiArsenic


    Ion exchange resin for selective arsenic adsorption

    Capabilities (1)

    reduce the arsenic contamination in potable water supplies
    meets stringent requirements of regional legislation

      Capacity (2)

      When combined with other AroxBag: The filter media will last for 46,000 US gallons up to 110,000 US gallons 
      When stand-alone: The filter media will last for 92,000 US gallons up to 220,000 US gallons

        Max. flow

        When stand-alone: 420 l/h (2 gpm) continuous and peak load
        When combined: 210 l/h (1 gpm) continuous and peak load

          Possible combinations

          Can be combined with Seccua AntiTox and Seccua AntiCal