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Phoenix GT

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Removes pathogens and suspended solids from your tap water. Ideal for legionella removal at building mains. With patented, government-approved filter testing according to DVGW W213-5 guidelines and remote monitoring.

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For Building Operators

The Phoenix GT filters all pathogens, turbidity, and particles from the water at the point where the city water enters your building entrance, leaving behind no residues and dramatically reducing the bacterial growth in your building’s pipe systems. Ideal for legionella removal in hospitals and residential buildings.

Phoenix GT

The Phoenix GT systems filters all pathogens, turbidity, and particles from the water at the point where the city water enters your building entrance, leaving behind no residues and dramatically reducing the bacterial growth in your building’s pipe systems. The number of legionella, pseudomonas, and other pathogens measured at the sampling points decreases noticeably within just a few weeks after installation. The Phoenix GT’s patented self-running membrane test, usually performed as part of the annual customer service, discovers even the smallest damage to the filter to ensure the long-term containment of the microbes coming into your system.

The Phoenix GT offers optional remote access and connection to existing building automation networks. The modular design of the Phoenix makes it possible to install even in confined spaces and allow the system to be upgraded later on.

Unique system technology

As the only ultrafiltration system in its class, the Phoenix GT has a self-running membrane integrity test that exceeds the stringent filter testing requirements of the DVGW, the German gas and water supply association. In addition, the Phoenix GT can be integrated into your existing building control systems using the modern bus technology. Only the Phoenix has the ability to determine the contamination level of the filter and automatically perform filter rinses. This allows the Phoenix filter to last for many years and offer low operating costs that are unrivaled.

Phoenix GT in brief:

  • for building operators
  • for water already pre-filtered by the public water supply
  • installed directly on the building water input
  • removes legionella, viruses, parasites, pathogens, turbidity, and particles without any residues
  • optional integrated membrane test

Integrated membrane test

Officially recognized under DVGW W213-5 and US EPA standards

In order to check the high retention performance regularly under operating conditions, the Phoenix can be equipped with an integrated membrane test that detects even the smallest membrane damage of 0.8 µm in diameter, thus ensuring safe retention of more than 99.99% of all bacteria over the long term. The test is triggered by fluctuations in the turbidity in the filtrate. The system also has a continuous indirect integrity test, and a directly integrated, fully automatic membrane test.

Only the Seccua compact systems with their advanced, standardized control technology are capable of meeting the high requirements of the DVGW worksheet W213-5 while also keeping costs low. Extremely high-resolution measuring and control instruments are integrated into the system electronics for the purpose of performing the test; the specially developed programmable logic controller (PLC) has capabilities comparable to a standard industrial PLC.

4 Reasons for Phoenix water treatment

1. Prevent all legionella for the long term

The Phoenix GT is installed directly at your building’s intake from the city line. This prevents pathogens, parasites, and legionella from even getting into your building’s systems. This not only prevents contamination of your pipes, but also keeps them far cleaner.

2. Reduction of the biofilm

To protect whole buildings against Legionella and to reduce existing legionella and biofilm growths drastically, the stream of microorganisms and nutrients coming in from the city water lines needs to be stopped. In many installations, the Seccua filtration has decreased the total number of cells dramatically within a few weeks and legionella is usually no longer detectable.

3. Superior performance

In independent tests, the in-out filter process of the Phoenix has been proven far superior to other filter systems, especially out-in and air-flush systems, in terms of reliability and operating costs: “Whereas the in/out system ran with comparatively low transmembrane pressure (TMP) and permeability in normal operation, the TMP in the out/in system was significantly higher with lower permeability at the same standard surface load.” (Mr. Welsch, Trier Municipal Works)

4. Superior service

As soon as the system detects irregularities in the operation, it can send text messages and also alert an existing alarm network. When equipped with a GSM modem, which is available as an option, the system operator can easily retrieve all operating data and logs via the internet and can remotely control the system from his or her desk. Our expert customer service provides assistance to system operators around the world.

Technical data about Phoenix GT


Seccua Phoenix GT

Removal Performance (1)

Virus (MS2 Phages): >4 log (>5.7 log proven in third-party testing)
Bacteria (B. Subtilis, E-Coli): >4 log (>9.7 log proven in third-party testing)
Parasites (Cryptosporidia): >4 log (>4 log proven in third-party testing)
Rust & Particles

    Max. operating pressure

    5 bar (75 psi)

    Max. operating temperature

    40°C (104°F)

    Min. operating temperature

    4°C (39.2°F)


    Optional: integrated Membrane testing
    Approved by EPA Filtration Guidance Manual and german DVGW W213-5

      Data sheet

      Technical data

      (1) Filtration performance depends on water quality and temperature. Please design carefully before deploying a Phoenix system and consult with Seccua Authorized System Partners for advise if required. – Bacteria removal of the Ultrafiltration membrane was measured against ASTM F838-05 standards – Crypto and Bacteria removal was also tested by California Departement of Health Ser- vices, the filter modules used (inge dizzer) are listed as „Alternative Filtration Technology“ – Virus removal of the Ultrafiltration membrane was measured against EPA standards.