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What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

Urspring Ultra

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For Tap Water with Arsenic & Toxins

This bundle is best used when hard water is NOT a concern but Arsenic is present along with Toxins, Pesticides, Bacteria & Virus.

Urspring Ultra Includes: 


  • Removes pathogens, parasites, rust staining, bothersome suspended matter and Legionella
  • No chemicals – completely environmentally friendly

AntiTox - AroxBag: 

  • Removes Disolved Toxins
  • Removes Drug Residues
  • Removes Pesticides
  • Removes Plasticizers
  • Removes Oral Contraceptive Residues

AntiArsenic- AroxBag: 

  • Removes arsenic below critical 10 ppb EPA threshold
  • Binds the arsenic irreversibly to the filter medium
  • Removes added fluoride
  • No chemicals – completely environmentally friendly

Biofilter - Natural Filtering Delivery System  

  • Housing for AntiTox and AntiCal AroxBags 

Here's How it Works

Installation at the cold water transfer point

The UrSpring is installed directly at the cold water transfer point in your home, so it removes all germs, pathogens, and single-celled and multi-cellular organisms from your water, completely and without a trace – before they can enter your home’s water lines. The water is returned to its original condition at the source, and unhealthy substances are conducted directly to the wastewater system. Your Local plumber can easily install.

Automatic filter flushing

Contaminates are flushed out daily into the wastewater system; the process takes a few seconds and occurs ideally at night. Germs and contaminants are carried away in the wastewater to insure no dangerous build-up of pathogens stay in filter.

Urspring ultrafiltration

1. Great-tasting drinking water from every tap

2. Completely free of chemicals

3. No more expensive water bottles

4. No viruses, No Bacteria, No Legionella

Technical data: Urspring 


Seccua UrSpring Home

Filtration performance (1)


Removal performance (2)

Virus (MS2 Phages)
Bacteria (B. Subtilis, E-Coli)
Parasites (Cryptosporidia)
Rust & Particles

    Water consumption during flushing

    Typically less than 2%

    Max. operating pressure

    5 bar (75 psi)

    Max. operating temperature

    40°C (104°F)

    Weights, Dimensions

    H 1268 mm (49.9 in.) x W 150 mm (5.9 in.) x D 162 mm (6.4 in.)
    Weight (dry): 12 kg


    Automatic flushing by time-of-day
    Approved by EPA & German DVGW

      (1) Filtration performance depends on water quality and temperature. Please design carefully before deploying a UrSpring system and consult with Seccua Authorized System Partners for advise if required.
      (2) Virus and Bacteria removal of the Ultrafiltration membrane was measured by US EPA against EPA Standards for Ultrafiltration systems used on surface water filtration on a new membrane. The tests have been carried out using a Seccua Virex Pro unit which uses the same filter elements than the UrSpring systems. Removal performance can decrease over time, caused by membrane damage, without the UrSpring system being able to determine such decay.

      Technical data about Seccua Biofilter

      Seccua AntiTox – Removal of pesticides, plasticizers and residuals of antibiotics



      Granular activated Carbon, made from Coconut shell, acid washed


      Reduces plasticizers, residuals of Antibiotics, pesiticides and lead
      Adsorption of dissolved organic matter in general
      Removes disinfection by-products (THM)
      Improves taste & odor


          When stand-alone: up to 200’000 liters (52’834 US gal)
          When combined: up to 100’000 liters (26’400 US gal)

            Max. flow

            When stand-alone: 40 l/min (10.6 gpm) peak load, 27 l/min (7.2 gpm) continuous
            When combined: 20 l/min (5.3 gpm) peak load, 13.5 l/min (3.6 gpm) continuous

              Possible combinations

              Can be combined with AntiCal and AntiArsenic

              More information

              Seccua AntiTox

              Seccua AntiArsenic – Removal of Arsenic



              Ion exchange resin for selective arsenic adsorption

              Capabilities (1)

              reduce the arsenic contamination in potable water supplies
              meets stringent requirements of regional legislation

                Capacity (2)

                When combined: The filter media will last for 175’000 liters (46’230 US gal) to 420’000 liters (110’952 US gal)
                When stand-alone: The filter media will last for 350’000 liters (92’460 US gal) to 840’000 liters (221’904 US gal)

                  Max. flow

                  When stand-alone: 420 l/h (2 gpm) continuous and peak load
                  When combined: 210 l/h (1 gpm) continuous and peak load

                    Possible combinations

                    Can be combined with Seccua AntiTox and Seccua AntiCal

                    More information

                    Seccua AntiArsenic


                    (1) Arsenic contamination in potable water supplies has become a major issue in respect to human health. Arsenic in water originates from both, natural sources (geological erosion), as well as man-made pollution (mining operations that contaminate ground waters). The concentration of arsenic may reach up to 1,500 ppb in certain areas. Arsenic is known to cause damage to human health; the World Health organization (WHo) recommends a maximum contaminant level in potable water supplies of 10 ppb. Seccua Arsenic removal media is designed to reduce the arsenic contamination in potable water supplies, and meet stringent requirements of regional legislation at the same time. A layer of iron oxide, which is coated onto the resin, binds arsenic in a specific surface complex. It adsorbs arsenate (V-valent arsenic) as well as arsenite (III-valent arsenic).
                    (2) Adsorption capacity depends on the level of Arsenic in the inlet to the filter. Please consult your Seccua sales representative for advise and don’t forget to have your water analysis at hand!