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Räyn Water Filter

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Full flow bacteria filter for showers, water dispensers and faucets

Full protection against Legionella bacteria and other microorganisms in your tap water. Ideal for anyone who values their health and wants the cleanest, safest tap water coming out of their shower heads.

Räyn removes legionella & all bacteria from tap water

The need for safe water in the shower

Our tap water is home to millions of microorganisms. Not only are they swimming in the water that comes from public water supplies, they also take up residence in biofilms on the walls of your home’s pipes. Swiss researchers have shown that tap water can contain up to 6 million bacteria per liquid ounce. Many are harmless to us, but some can make us sick. These include legionella, pseudomonas, noroviruses, and amoebas.

Räyn filters remove all bacteria, parasites, and other microorganisms as well as 99% of the viruses from your tap water. These results have been confirmed by independent laboratory testing. Räyn filters use modern filtration systems that are extremely robust and impervious to pathogens.

Installation between the tap and your shower head

Simply screw the Räyn filter into place between the tap and the hose of your shower head. The high-flow modern membrane material doesn't reduces the flow of water through your shower so you can control the quality of your water and eliminate germs.

The Räyn filter housing is made of an elegant, anodized metal and any commercial shower head can be connected. Along with high filtering performance, Räyn is compact and not much bigger than the palm of your hand.

Pure water at your drinking water dispenser and ice machine

Seccua Räyn provides pure drinking water without micro-organisms, like e.g. parasites and bacteria and without sediments.

Crystal clear water, right at your drinking water dispenser or your ice-machine.

With more than 1,500 Point-of-Use installations in Drinking-Water-Dispensers, Seccua is the world’s leading provider for high-end Point-of-Use water purification.

4 reasons to buy a Räyn water filter

1. Protect your immune system

You come into contact with lots of water during your life, especially when showering. After all, a hot shower is the perfect place to relax and take a deep breath. Who wants to worry about inhaling Legionella from the steam coming off the shower or getting infected with pseudomonas, which can cause severe pneumonia?

2. Quick fix against Legionella

Do you suspect that there are high legionella concentrations in the pipes of your apartment building, but your landlord or homeowners association is dragging its feet? Are the waterlines in your building so old that they really need to be replaced in their entirety? At least you can take control of your situation and ensure the quality of the water in your shower.

3. Medical technology for highest safety

The Räyn filter purifies the water by passing it through pores that are only a few millionths of a millimeter in diameter. The filters consist of high-purity material used in medical technology, the same that is used in dialysis and for sterile filtration of water in operating rooms.

4. Full flow, full bacteria-removal at point-of-use

Providing a very elegant and compact design, the Räyn is yet very powerful when it comes to filtration performance. A new Räyn produces up to 8 gpm in flow and a removal rate of 99,99999% for bacteria and parasites.


Technical data about the Räyn Waterfilter


Seccua Räyn Water Filter


124 x 96 x 46 mm (Height x Width x Depth)


1/2″ BSPP Swivel connector, internal thread

Connector to shower hose

1/2″ BSPP Outside thread



PESM, meets DVGW KTW and NSF 53 requirements


Anodized alum, matte Complies with REG (EC) Nr. 1935/2004 and FDA GRAS 182.1125


EPDM (drinking water approved), complies to German DVGW W270, NSF and KIWA standards

Filtration performance

Max. operating pressure

10 bar (145 psi)

Max. operating temperature

70°C (158 °F)

Filtration performance

10 l/min (3 gpm) @ 1 bar (14 psi) with new filter Up to 30 l/min (8 gpm)

Bacteria and parasite removal

Sterile filtration
(>99,99999%), full bacteria and parasite removal proven


    Avg. Lifetime

    A removal rate of 99,99999% for bacteria, spores and parasites from water is guaranteed for a period of 6 month of 10’000 liters (3,000 USgal), whatever occurs first.


    Filter cartridges of the Räyn filter can be easily exchanged. You can receive the cartridges comfortably, delivered right to your door.

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