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About Seccua

Helping people to live healthier is what drives us at our core. We are striving every day to give you the means to improve the quality of your drinking water, be it for a public water supply you operate, or at home for your family.


Seccua: Innovative drinking water purification

Seccua’s headquarter is based in Steingaden, Germany. Here we develop and manufacture standardized equipment using the latest in technology to remove pathogens, suspended solids, pharmaceutical residues, and lime from water. Since we care about your health and wellbeing, non our technologies involves the use of chemicals nor the use of high-energy radiation. But at the core of all our products are our innovative ultrafiltration systems using membranes with pore sizes that are less than 20 millionths of a millimeter wide. By comparison, a human hair is about 60,000 millionth of a millimeter thick.

With its standardized small-scale systems, Seccua has become a leader in clean-tech for water purification. And as a consequence of providing reliable high-performance products, we have also developed into a market leader in our market segments. Our technology has proven its performance in removing all pathogens from water in extensive testing by the world’s most strict environmental authorities, the EPA in the United States and the German Gas and Water Industry Association (DVGW).

In combination with additional modules from the company’s product portfolio, Seccua systems can remove more than just pathogens and suspended solids. Seccua has develop unique technologies to protect the installation in your building from scaling. And atop we also combine further benefits, like removal of pesticides, residuals of pharma and Arsenic into most innovative products.

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Seccua at a glance:

development & production of ultra-filtration systems for drinking water treatment

headquartered in Steingaden, Germany

global market and technology leader in drinking water treatment with ultrafiltration systems

patented nanotechnology

Seccua systems remove:

bacteria, viruses, parasites

turbidity and rust staining

drug residues

water hardness

Seccua systems

Market leader in Germany

Seccua installed more than 120 filtration systems in public water supplies – and became market leader in Germany for ultrafiltration systems.

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Newer and healthier

Seccua filtration is the most modern, healthiest and cleanest technology for drinking water purification.

Seccua Ultrafiltration

With Seccua into the future

Seccua is growing and growing. Together with you! We’re looking for new, enthusiastic employees.

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The Seccua Company History

All great inventions come out of a garage.

Membrane-filtration science since 1999

In 1999 Michael Hank and his father founded Germany’s first manufacturer of UltraFiltration (UF) membranes, specialized for drinking water, inge AG. Under Michael’s lead, inge AG invested more than 16 million € into the development and production of revolutionary membranes for water filtration and built the company from the ground up. Since then, inge AG has reached 2.5 million € in sales with a team of 35 employees. inge AG sold its filter elements to system integrators worldwide through its sales-offices in Greifenberg (Germany), Chicago (USA) and Beijing (China).

However, the filtration units utilizing these membranes were always designed by other companies, as part of the business they worked with, and these companies only dealt in industrial-scale applications. This meant that small and mid sized villages, schools, medical offices, and public water utilities–which have a need for compact, decentralized water purification systems–couldn’t access this amazing new technology. So in 2004 Michael Hank started Seccua GmbH and became the company’s full-time CEO in 2005.

2005: All great inventions come out of a garage

When Seccua was founded in 2004, its vision was to make high-tech membrane filtration–which provides for full removal of pathogens and turbidity at the same time–available to operators of small and mid-size public water systems. Its first goal was to develop compact, standardized ultrafiltration units that anyone could purchase off the shelf and install.

And thus, in the spirit of all great inventors, Michael turned the family’s living room into the headquarters for sales, purchasing and logistics, while design, manufacturing, and quality control took place inside cow-stable of the farm, now a makeshift garage, which the family had rented. In 2005, Michael and his two employees developed the first Seccua water filtration unit.

The first big break

Seccua received its first orders from the surrounding communities in upper Bavaria, whose public officials preferred to sanitize their drinking water via Seccua filtration rather than UV-radiation or chlorination. The village of Böbing even insisted on the use of Seccua filtration instead of following the direction of the regional Department of Health and the Bavarian Department for Water Use (Amt für Wasserwirtschaft) to use UV. Luckily their allegiance was proven to be legitimate: since installation of the Seccua filtration in the community’s drinking water outperformed neighboring communities using conventional methods.

In fact, the quality of water was good that the regional Department of Health recommended the use of Seccua filtration to many other small public water system officials. Seccua filtration flourished rapidly throughout surrounding communities, purely by word of mouth.

2005-2008: Focus on product development

Capitalizing on their initial success, Seccua–along with investment from companies around the region–developed the first small-scale water filtration system with automatic filter testing built into the unit. This allows the filtration system to detect deterioration of its filter by itself, deterioration which only needs to be large enough to allow microscopic bacteria through before the filter is rendered ineffective. Furthermore, the test method complied with standards dictated by California in 2002, with the idea that the units might be sold in the U.S. After 3 years and almost 1 million € in investment, Seccua completed development of the unit.

In 2014 Seccua certified that the units comply with the guidelines of the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW).

The Seccua family grows

New headquarter in Steingaden, Germany

As Seccua’s success with public water systems grows, so did its demand for production and manufacturing capacity. Enlisted by the mayor of Steingaden, a town that lies between Schongau and Füssen at the foot of the Ammergau Alps, Seccua built an office and a 3,000 square-meter production facility using timber from the nearby oak piles. Nicknamed “The Ökohaus”, the facility hosts Germany’s most modern manufacturing plant for the production of membrane filtration systems, and created lots of jobs for the surrounding community.

2012: Clean Tech Award – Seccua and its global impact

Seccua partnered with companies in Portugal to build drinking water treatment plants in Africa. As a result of this work, Seccua received the highly regarded German CleanTech Media Award in 2012, awarded by the German actor and documentary filmmaker Hannes Jaenicke and the managing director of Tetra Pack Germany GmbH. But what’s more important to Seccua than these awards is that they can help produce crystal clear drinking water for small-scale environments, which are the areas often overlooked by larger water filtration companies.

Seccua today

All together

One of Seccua’s main goals is to live symbiotically with its customers, employees, and suppliers, and endeavors to grow sustainably in Steingaden, and strives to be a responsible participant in the community. To achieve that end, it locally sources materials and labor whenever possible, and also trains people from the community to provide them the skills necessary to build their careers. This commitment to the community was memorialized in 2011 when Seccua received the “Standort Profi” award from Weilheim-Schongau for their work maintaining a sustainable relationship with Steingaden.

Seccua Career Opportunities

More than 1.000 systems installed worldwide

Today Seccua has more than 1,000 systems installed in Germany, the U.S, China, and other countries worldwide. We develop and manufacture high-tech solutions for safe drinking water for use at home, in industrial and municipal applications.

Our team of dedicated professionals work hand-in-hand with our production staff, service technicians and installation partners to provide our customers the best water filtration technology, with easy installation and trouble-free operation.

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