Become a Seccua Reseller

As a Reseller of Seccua product, you will be able to offer leading products with strong unique selling propositions to your customers. No matter if residential water-purification or professional water-treatment, Seccua is the leading technology provider in the field of water treatment.

Quality manufacturing "Made-in-Germany"

While most products available today in the water-treatment-market are produced low-cost and low-quality, Seccua manufactures its product in Germany following strict quality-standards, with a team of skilled workers, fairly paid and part of our team. It feels good to sell a product, which incorporates a spirit of passion, quality and innovation.

Your business will grow long-term, based on our spirit of innovation

Seccua has been amongst the first companies world-wide to introduce membrane filtration into drinking-water treatment. We have been introducing chemical-free scale-protection since 2017. Our business is strongly based on innovation. You will always be able to present the latest in water purification technology to your customer.

USA & Canada

To become a reseller or Manufacturers Representative for Seccua in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Middle- or South-America, please get in touch with

Seccua Americas, LLC

(503) 766-5551