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Full Replacement program for GE Homespring units

Is it time to replace and upgrade your GE Homespring system with a superior Seccua filtration system?

The most effective replacement for your GE Homespring

GE Homespring systems were sold since beginning of 2005 through a joint-venture of GE and Pentair. In early 2015, the companies announced that they were discontinuing the product line and would no longer support the installed base with spare parts – leaving hundreds of Homespring owners and dozens of dealers without access to spare parts, replacement systems or factory service and support.

Seccua UrSpring filters offer the perfect replacement for your GE Homespring Whole-House-Filtration system.

With a Seccua UrSpring it becomes easy to replace the membrane filter cartridges when required. The Seccua UrSpring itself uses much less installation space compared to the GE Homespring system.

You can choose between two models: Seccua UrSpring Well for treating water from ground water, which is under the influence of surface water, and Seccua UrSpring Home, offering perfect purification for city-water at Point-of-Entry.

In addition, Seccua UrSpring filters can be upgraded with a Seccua Biofilter. The Seccua BioFilter offers three treatment options: removal of dissolved organics, removal of arsenic or to prevention of scaling in your piping system with Seccua’ chemical-free AntiCal system. Two out of those three can be combined.

In business since 2005 and here to stay

Being in business since 2005, Seccua has installed over one thousand UrSpring filters worldwide. Seccua UrSpring filters incorporate all our team’s professional experience from supplying filtration systems to strictly monitored Public Water Systems for more than a decade.

Filtration of well-water or city-water at Point-of-Entry

UrSpring BWell

GE Homespring

Full removal of Turbidity

  • YES
  • YES

99.99% removal of bacteria

  • YES
  • YES

Rated Flow

Peak flow for single household

Peak flow for single household


  • YES

Based on filter-fouling

  • YES

Only by time-interval

Direct flow installation

  • YES
  • YES

Easy catridge exchange

  • YES


  • NO

Entire system has to be replaced

„Water means more to us than monetary profit“

Since we have started Seccua in 2005, the only thing we have been doing has been providing products to our customers, which enable them to produce safe quality drinking-water. Unlike large corporations with a product range from power plants to banking services, we are clearly focused and highly driven into that one and only direction. Our business depends upon customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth recommendation – and we enjoy taking up that challenge every day again.

Michael Hank, CEO Seccua

Healthy water for you as well?

Which Seccua is the best Homespring replacement unit for your application?

Seccua’s UrSpring and Virex Pro series offer a perfect GE Homespring replacement for the discontinued GE product.


Seccua Replacement for GE Homespring

City-Water filtration at Point-of-Entry

Seccua UrSpring

Well-Water filtration at Point-of-Entry

Seccua UrSpring

Filtration of ground-water under the influence of surface water

Seccua Virex Pro Connect

The most important benefits of Seccua UrSpring and BioFilter:

much less build-up of biofilm in water-tanks of coffee-makers and pitchers

removal of hazardous bacteria and parasites

quality water from every tap and shower

removal of turbidity and particles

scale prevention in water tanks (optional with Seccua BioFilter)

scale prevention in water heaters (optional with Seccua BioFilter)

removal of taste and odor (optional with Seccua BioFilter)

removal of pesticides and endocrine disruptors (optional with Seccua BioFilter)

removal of Arsenic (optional with Seccua BioFilter)

Replacing GE Homespring systems on Surface Water sources (LT2)

Seccua’s Virex Pro Connect can be operated in parallel and can be connected through its innovative BUS system.

Virex Pro for Long Term Enhanced Surface Water (LT2)

For systems needing to comply with the Long Term Enhanced Surface Water (LT2) rule, Seccua’s Virex Pro Connect system is the ideal replacement. Seccua Virex Pro Connect does not require any additional controls or valves to perform the required membrane direct integrity test or to perform periodic filter cleanings.

Virex Pro Connect

Accepted by regulators and health authorities

Seccua’s Virex Pro system is accepted by many regulators and health authorities in the U.S. and world-wide for greater than 4-log removal of parasites and bacteria from water. As the only compact, standardized, membrane-filtration system it provides a fully automated Membrane-Integrity-Test, as required by U.S. EPA’s Filtration Guidance Manual, Australia’s EPA, European standards and others.

Connect up to your network

For larger flows, Seccua’s Virex Pro Connect can be operated in parallel and can be connected through its innovative BUS system, which also allows connection to existing SCADA systems or to an Ethernet.

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