Seccua’s Water treatment on AIDA Vita Cruise Liner

Seccua integrated a Phoenix Filtration system on an AIDA Vita Cruise Liner to treat the Amazon River to Drinking Water – the system now operates since September 2010 and ensures a safe water purification on board.

AIDA Cruise Liner

  • 1.400 guests, 400 crew members
  • 1200 m3 drinking water storage
  • continuous production of 130 to 260 l/min
  • drinking water generation at local harbors, sea- and riverwater to drinking water via on-board-treatment
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Water for Wellness – Seccua’s water treatment on AIDA Vita

AIDA Vita has space for about 1.400 guests and 400 crew members. The cruise has a 1,200m3 drinking water storage, and a continuous production of 130 to 260 l/min. The main sources for drinking water generation are:

  • local harbors (limited supplies and quality)
  • sea- and river-water to drinking water via on-board-treatment

In September 2010 Seccua installed a Phoenix 7 on an AIDA Vita cruise with an automated chemical cleaning, data logging on board, and a fully automated, integrated membrane integrity testing using on-board pressurized air. Like that, the AIDA Vita cruise can treat the Amazon River to drinking water for all the guests and the crew. Clean, safe and healthy drinking water for saunas, food production, swimming pools and anything else – independent of the source, where the water came from.

Seccua Water Treatment for healthy drinking water

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Get healthy drinking water today – with a Seccua Water Treatment

The Phoenix filters all pathogens out of the water – also available with an optional patented, state-approved, fully automatic integrity test. Ideal for removing germs resulting from surface factors and for implementing a double or multi-barrier system. The Phoenix has demonstrated complete removal of viruses, bacteria, and parasites in independent tests conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It also removes suspended matter so reliably that downstream sterilization processes, such as UV systems, can operate effectively.

Product details of Seccua Phoenix

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