Sizing calculation of Seccua Ultrafiltration units

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Step 1: Calculation of demand Help
Fixture Type (standardized at 4,2 bar / 60 psi) Qty Sum
Shower Head, 1/2“ l/s | gpm
Bathtub, 1/2“ l/s | gpm
Faucet (Lavatory), 1/2“ l/s | gpm
Faucet (Kitchen Sink), 1/2“ l/s | gpm
Urinal (Flush valve) l/s | gpm
Toilet with flush tank l/s | gpm
Dishwasher l/s | gpm
Clothes Washer l/s | gpm
Outlet 1/2“ with flow restrictor l/s | gpm
Free Outlet 3/4“ l/s | gpm
Free Outlet 1“ l/s | gpm
Water flow demand per fixture value = l/s | gpm

Building type
Total Domestic Demand = l/s | gpm
Step 2: Sizing a Buffer Tank Help
Filtration capacity (w/o Buffer tank this equals Total Domestic Demand)  l/s / gpm
Duration of peak demand  min
Buffer Tank size, calculated l
Buffer Tank size, existing l
Step 3: Filtration System selectionHelp

Water temperature

°C (= 42.8 °F)
Membrane fouling rate % pressure increase
No. of floors
Floor height m
Choose UF unit
No. of systems automatically



Step 4: Result
Calculated design

No. of units
Total peak flow
Flow per filter unit

Project data
Project: Editor:
Project-No.: Date