Water Purification in Public Water Supply

Find out more about Seccua filtration systems that are the perfect as a Treatment of Surface Water, Surface Influenced Groundwater and for removing Arsenic and Fluoride.

Why to choose Seccua systems to treat water in a Public-Water-Supply

Seccua Filtration is certified for use on LT2 and GUDI water

In long-term tests, monitored by US EPA, Seccua filtration has been certified for removal of pathogens from surface water according to Long Term Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2) or Ground-Water under the Influence (GUDI) of surface water. Seccua systems provide a fully automated, integrated Direct Integrity Testing (DIT) to ensure removal of pathogens at a removal ratio higher than 99,99% (4-log), as required by US LT2.


Seccua filtration reduces Arsenic and Fluoride from drinking water

Seccua has proven reduction of Arsenic and Fluoride in Public Water Systems, using its Phoenix and Virex Pro Connect systems. Compared to conventional technology Seccua filtration not only reduces Arsenic and Fluoride to under regulatory requirements, but also removes sediments and pathogens in the same treatment step.


Built to US EPA Filtration Guidance Manual standards

Seccua has built its systems to meet US EPA filtration Guidance Manual requirements for membrane filtration systems. Seccua systems have been approved for use by many State Regulators in the US, amongst them California, Minnesota, Virginia, Oregon, Washington and others.


Standardized, modular design provides for very competitive cost advantage

Seccua Phoenix and Virex Pro systems are standardized and easy-to-use. We implement them at your site through local installers, which then also service your systems. Due to their standardization, Seccua systems provide very competitive investment and operating cost.

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Full Removal of Cryptosporidia, Giardia and E-Coli

Seccua Filtration fully removes pathogens like E-Coli and Cryptosporidia, together with all other pathogens from water. It also removes turbidity completely.

Seccua Filtration is approved as Alternative Filtration Technologie (AFT) under compliance to U.S. EPA Filtration Guidance Manual. Seccua units are applied under U.S. Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule, whenever surface water (SW) or surface-influenced groundwater (UDISW or GUDI) has to be treated to drinking water.

Removal of Arsenic and Fluoride

In conjunction with selected pre-treatment of the feed-water, Seccua filtration has proven to remove Arsenic and Fluoride to under detection limits.

Seccua Filtration is providing a very cost-effective and easy-to use alternative for Public Water Systems, which face the challenge of removing Arsenic and Fluoride.

Seccua Filtration: Short Facts

  • Full Removal of E-Coli, Legionella, Cryptosporidia and all other pathogens from water
  • Removal of Arsenic and Fluoride
  • Tested by U.S. EPA and German DVGW
  • Built-in cleaning functions to flush out removed contaminants
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low water consumption for flushing
  • Direct Integrity Test included

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Seccua Filtration: Full removal of water contaminants

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Virex Pro Connect

One Virex Pro Connect produces up to 12,000 gpd of safe drinking water.

Virex Pro Connect


Seccua Phoenix produces from 26,000 to more than 200,000 gpd drinking water per day.


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