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Whole Home Water Filtration

Seccua Whole-House-Filtration provides crystal-clear, fresh tasting water from every tap and shower in your home.

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„Pure and safe water for Wilson Ranch, California“

My client, the Wilson Ranch in Fillmore, California, asked me to install something that would protect them from contamination of the cities’ drinking water. After thorough research I have chosen Seccua UrSpring filtration over other alternatives. I’ve installed two Seccua UrSpring systems to filter the entire city-water at Point-of-Entry to my client’s estate. Since we have installed the Seccua filters, everyone on the estate feels much more confident about using tap-water for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene. The water quality has improved notably, smell and odor have disappeared."

Ron B., Innovative Water, Los Angeles

4 Reasons to install a Seccua filtration for protecting your home

Seccua AntiCal technology

Crystal clear water at every outlet in your home

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Protection from pathogens in your City-Water

Ever been subject to a boil-water-order? Make sure that none of the micro-organisms in the city-water reach into your home today. A Seccua UrSpring filter, installed at Point-of-Entry of city-water into your home removes all micro-organisms from water through natural filtration.

Removal of taste and odor

Seccua UrSpring, combined with a Seccua BioFilter removes taste and odor from your water. It also absorbs toxic substances like Chloramines, residuals of drugs and endocrine disruptors.

Reduce scaling in your installation

Seccua AntiCal technology, integrated into the Seccua BioFilter, significantly reduces scaling from hard water in your piping system and your water heaters. Such it helps to reduce the energy consumption of those devices and prolongs its life-time.

Seccua restores the quality of City Water

Large cities all over the world have one thing in common: Their piping system, in which they distribute drinking water from the source into our homes are large, wide-spread and often dozens if not hundreds of years old.

Being buried under our sidewalks and roads, between warm basements, garages, subway tunnels and along hot-steam pipelines, our public water-lines offer ideal breeding grounds for all kind of micro-organisms. Tap water encounters numerous contaminants while traveling through the city’s old and often dilapidated waterways until it reaches your faucet, even though it may have originated from a clean source like mountain snowpacks or freshwater lakes.

All these unknown parameters scare us away from drinking our tap water or even from using it for cooking.

Seccua restores the clarity and quality of your City Water, so you can be confident to enjoy water much better than bottled water from every tap in your home.

Our modular approach fits your treatment requirements

Seccua UrSpring – Crystal clear water from every faucet in your home

Have you ever been subject to a Boil-Water-Order or experienced a "Brown-Water-Event", caused by a construction site close to your home? No worries, we can provide a reliable solution:

Seccua UrSpring completely remove all sediments and microorganisms from water: including silt, rust and others. This is because the UrSpring filter has a pore size of only 20 nanometers (0.02μm), around 3,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

To maintain it filter-life, the UrSpring flushes itself typically once a day for a couple of seconds to remove all rejected contaminants to drain. It thereby uses a small fraction of the water it produces throughout the day.

Seccua BioFilter – great tasting water right from the tap

UrSpring Home in conjunction with a Seccua BioFilter makes up a perfect treatment solution.

The Seccua BioFilter works like a multi-tool: It can be equipped with three different media, which provide for removal of dissolved organics and taste and odour, for removal of Arsenic or for scale-protection. Two out of those three components can be combined into one Seccua BioFilter.

All of those components work completely chemical-free. Good for you, good for nature!

„Pipe Problems“

I live in a rent-stabilized apartment in a building that opened in 2009. Since October, brown water has occasionally come out of the kitchen faucet. Since March, it has happened every other day. Initially, management ignored my requests to fix the problem, even questioning the validity of my concerns. I sent them date-stamped pictures of the brown water and saved a water sample.

Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Healthy water for you as well?

Seccua compared to conventional products

How do available whole-house water-filtration options compare?

„Drink Up NYC: Meet The Tiny Crustaceans (Not Kosher) In Your Tap Water“

New York City is known for having excellent tap water, but why does it taste so good? It might be the microscopic shrimp.

Tiny copepods were discovered after a reddit user uploaded photos of what they found through the other end of a microscope after adding H&E stain to New York tap water. According to blog Gizmodo, copepods are added to water to eat mosquito larvae, keeping water sources clear.

Time Magazine

Healthy water for you as well?

Seccua filtration FAQ

Standard UV Filters work at a wave-length of light, which de-activates the DNA of bacteria in a way so they cannot multiply any more. Nonetheless, those bacteria are left in the water and are not removed. They serve as nutrient for biofilm downstream in your piping system. Standard UV works only against a limited range of virus and parasites. If there are particles in the water, which the bacteria can hide behind, UV filtration cannot reach them and those bacteria pass through the system untouched.

Media filtration is doing a great job when it comes to adsorbing contaminants dissolved in water, such as chloramine, pesticides, Arsenic. It is doing a poor job in removing of harmful pathogens like bacteria, parasites or virus. In opposite: Media filters provide large surfaces for bacteria to settle down, breed and multiply, before they then "swim on" into your piping system. Seccua filtration removes pathogens from water using its filters with pores that are 1,000 times smaller than a human hair. Combined with a Seccua BioFilter you will get the benefit of both – adsorption and pathogen removal!

With conventional media filters it is very hard to remove the media from its containment, once it is used up. In most cases, the entire filter has to be uninstalled and dumped. Furthermore, those standard filters can be furnished with only one type of media. In a Seccua BioFilter the media comes in handy "bags", which can be inserted and removed easily without any tools and without any change to your installation. In a Seccua BioFilter you can choose to have two out of three different media – Activated Carbon, Seccua scale protection AntiCal and Seccua AntiArsenic media.

Which solutions meet your needs?

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