World leading water technology meets Australia Outback

Penbank School, Victoria (Australia)

  • Small school
  • 35 acre rural property on the Mornington Peninsula
  • Rain water used for outdoor toilet

Wanting to improve the quality of water supplied by the rainwater system, the school sought Seccua‘s help to remove pathogens from the rainwater.


The Australian "Dunny"

Dunny or dunny can is Australian slang for toilet, either the room or the specific fixture, especially an outhouse or other outdoor toilets. It is often used to specify a distinction between a flushing toilet and a non-flushing toilet (e.g., a longdrop or thunderbox). First used in print in 1952, the word is believed to be derived from the much older ‘dunnakin’ (also spelled ‘dunnigin’ and ‘dunegan’) meaning privy.

Traditionally an outhouse could be found in unsewered areas and consisted of little more than a seat placed over a can or cesspit. The latter variation can be referred to more specifically as a longdrop. The outhouse would be maintained at some distance from houses for reasons of smell and hygiene. The sheds themselves were generally made of either wood or corrugated iron, to facilitate the moving of the outhouse if required. In mining areas outhouses are sometimes placed over disused mine shafts.

Penbank School in Victoria

Warm, caring and secure environment in school

Penbank School is a small school providing a warm, caring and secure, yet challenging environment directed to the development of the child in all areas of social responsibility and intellectual learning.

Situated on a delightful 35 acre rural property on the Mornington Peninsula, Penbank School is a small, family oriented non-denominational school for boys and girls. Within an attractive setting comprising excellent indoor and outdoor facilities Penbank offers a progressive approach to education and is an inspiring and happy place to learn.

Water supply in Penbank School

Penbank is totally reliant on its rainwater harvesting and storage system for the supply of water to the school. The system supplies water for the school’s drinking fountains and for toilet flushing.

Wanting improve the quality of water supplied by the rainwater system, the school sought Seccua‘s help to remove pathogens from the rainwater. Seccua proposed the use of the Virex Pro Ultrafiltration system, because it’s a fully automatic, stand-alone ultrafiltration package, which has been validated according to the USEPA LT2 rule, as providing > 4 log (99.99%) removal of bacteria, virus, Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Seccua Virex Pro at Penbank

In order to meet the need to install the Virex under cover, Jan Stephenson of Agflow Water Systems, built his own version of an Australian “dunny” to house and protect the system from the elements, while complementing the rural setting at Penbank. The result:

  • superb quality water
  • a very happy customer

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