Seccua AroxBag - AntiArsenic

AntiArsenic AroxBag for Seccua BioFilter

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  • Removes arsenic below critical 10 ppb EPA threshold
  • Binds the arsenic irreversibly to the filter medium
  • Removes added fluoride
  • No chemicals – completely environmentally friendly

    Removal of arsenic from drinking water

    Arsenic in water comes both from natural sources and from human-induced pollution. The arsenic contamination in drinking water poses a major threat to human health. In certain areas, the concentration of arsenic can reach up to 1,500 ppb. The EPA and World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a maximum pollutant load of 10 ppb in the drinking water supply.

    The Seccua AntiArsenic media reduces arsenic load accordingly. A layer of iron oxide, which is coated on the resin, binds the arsenic in a special surface.

    Technical data about Seccua AntiArsenic

    Seccua AntiArsenic


    Ion exchange resin for selective arsenic adsorption

    Capabilities (1)

    • reduce the arsenic contamination in potable water supplies
    • meets stringent requirements of regional legislation

    Capacity (2)

    • When combined with other AroxBag: The filter media will last for 46,000 US gallons up to 110,000 US gallons 
    • When stand-alone: The filter media will last for 92,000 US gallons up to 220,000 US gallons

    Max. flow

    • When stand-alone: 420 l/h (2 gpm) continuous and peak load
    • When combined: 210 l/h (1 gpm) continuous and peak load

    Possible combinations

    Can be combined with Seccua AntiTox and Seccua AntiCal

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