What’s coming out of your tap? Get your customized water quality report. Enter your zip code

What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

BioFilter - Natural Filtering Delivery System

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Natural filtering of various substances

Depending on the AroxBag selected, will remove pesticides, drug residues, plasticizers, or even limescale and arsenic – right at the drinking water transfer point in your home. Together with an UrSpring or Virex Pro, it provides the perfect protection for your family.

Safe drinking water at every tap

The unique technology of the Seccua BioFilter delivers pure, healthy drinking water to every tap in your home. The Seccua BioFilter removes residual pharmaceuticals, plasticizers, and oral contraceptives as well as fluorine, and arsenic from your tap water, right at the point of transfer from the municipal supply to your home.

In combination with the Virex Pro or UrSpring, the Seccua BioFilter also removes all bacteria, parasites, and viruses from your drinking water.

Seccua BioFilter will hold a maximum of (2) AroxBags

  • Easy to install
  • No chemicals – completely environmentally friendly

Multiple combinations in one devise

You can customize your Seccua BioFilter delivery system with these various AroxBag modules. All of this is done without chemicals or radiation. Better, easier, and safer than any other technology.